A Message from Bryan:
A few months ago, I became a candidate to serve you in the S.C. House of Representatives. There are two main reasons I decided to seek this position:

  First, I honestly feel I have something to offer.

  As a businessman, I believe I have the kind of real-world business experience which is badly needed in state government.  I’m a fiscal conservative who supports low taxes and efficient government.  I’m a hard worker. I have immense pride in our Irmo-Chapin community, and I genuinely enjoy helping others.

  The second reason I’m running is that I simply think I can do a better job than they’re doing now in the Legislature. For too long, our state has been held back by “politics as usual.” Lobbyists, special interests and career politicians form a system which resists change and keeps us from meeting the challenges we face. 

  Truly moving our state forward begins with electing people who will rise above politics and look out for ordinary taxpayers. That’s the style of service I hope to offer.

  Frankly, I think career politicians are the root of many of our state’s problems. That’s why I’ve pledged to serve no more than six years if elected. (While I believe the incumbent is a fine individual, 18 years too long for anyone to hold our area’s only seat in the S.C. House.)

  My objective is to give you the best representation possible.  I’ll listen and be accessible. I’ll focus on the issues that matter most, such as protecting the taxpayers and improving our schools. I’ll fight for clean, open, ethical government. And I’ll work hard, every day, to make you proud. I’d be honored to have your consideration.